Suspicious van near buried oil pipelines

There are more than 27,000 Km of buried high-pressure oil, gas and chemical pipelines that run the length and breadth of the UK, transporting critical supplies safely, effectively and efficiently across the country.

Unfortunately, in some instances these buried oil or gas pipelines can attract criminal interest whether the illegal tapping of fuel or unauthorised digging near to a pipeline.

BPA works closely with its network of landowners to raise awareness of the issue and asks landowners or tenants to keep vigilant and report any suspicious activities.  This can include seeing suspicious vans parking close to the pipeline, non BPA staff or contractors taking interest in the pipeline route / marker posts, signs of excavations or trenches around the pipeline or the use of hydraulic hoses and storage containers in remote areas.

We ask that all landowners remain vigilant as to any unusual activity undertaken and inform us of any suspicious activities.  If in doubt, simply call us on 01827 63708 and we will do the rest.

To help us most effectively manage the call, we’d ask where possible that callers provide the following information:

  • A contact number should we need to get hold of you
  • The location of the incident – whether a postcode, address or grid reference or even the proximity to a landmark
  • Have the emergency services been contacted?
  • Has anyone been injured?
  • Is there any sign of smoke or fire?
  • Are there still suspicious people or vehicles in the area?
  • Is there a strong smell of fuel, gas or any obvious signs of oil or gas leaking?
  • Is the incident near to a watercourse or public highway?

Even if you’re unable to answer all of the above, please still contact BPA and let us know of any concerns.

Our dedicated helpline number 0800 585 387 that is operated 24/7, 365 days of the year to support landowners or occupiers in the event of a pipeline emergency.  The team has a well-developed, regularly tested, emergency response process and is supported by retained specialist contractors that are in regular contact with the emergency services and regulatory bodies.

Once contacted by a landowner, our duty officer will process the information, provide advice and if necessary contact the emergency services.  The team will also undertake a site visit as well as manage and monitor the situation if required.

Thank you for remaining vigilant and please contact BPA’s Lands team on 0800 585 387 if you have any questions or would like to inform us of any suspicious or unusual activities along our pipeline network.