The team at BPA is currently undertaking a programme of burying above ground pipelines as they are unsightly and potentially dangerous.  the team will be working in the Hertfordshire and Staffordshire area over the summer.

As safety is of paramount concern, the BPA team has already buried pipelines in the Amington and Iver areas. It is planned to continue with Marsworth, Great Haywood and Nash Mills this summer.  The company also has plans to extend the work to Swanley and Fishers Green in the Colne Valley Park, an Environment Agency waterbody next year.

Phil Taylor, BPA’s Lands Manager, comments: “The project aims to bury all above ground pipe-bridges over a five years period.  Not only will we be removing some unsightly pipes, but we believe that burying the pipelines is the safest option for all concerned.”

The BPA Lands team also regularly undertake line walking along the route of the buried high pressure oil pipelines, allowing the team to meet landowners and answer any questions that may arise.

If landowners have any concerns or questions relating to above or below ground high pressure oil pipelines, they are encouraged to get in contact with a member of the BPA Lands team.  The easiest way is to click here or simply call 0800 585 387.