BPA Pipeline repairs

The BPA team has successfully excavated more than 13m of pipeline in Beeston, Cheshire, to undertake repair works to the pipeline’s infrastructure.  The works were completed following close liaison and support from the landowner, allowing for minimal disruption and for normal farming activities to resume promptly.

The need for exploration and possible repair followed BPA’s line inspection team visiting the site as part of its ongoing programme of surveying the network.  The BPA pipeline, along with the CLH pipeline which runs in parallel, was exposed and examined to determine if there were any issues or potential safety risks.

The team found that the clamps holding the pipeline in place had sunk, due to soil subsidence, which in turn had put pressure on the pipeline’s protective coating.  Repair work was undertaken on the clamps that were holding the pipelines in place to prevent any further movement or potential damage to the pipeline’s integrity.

Work on the project began on 1 April and it was successfully completed on 15 April with no negative impact on the pipeline’s operations, environment or surrounding area.

We’re delighted to announce that the winners of this year’s hampers are Mr Bell from Cobham, Surrey, and Mrs Deborah Todd from Latimer, near Chesham.  The two winners were selected at random from the hundreds of landowners and tenants who confirmed their contact details and map to BPA.

Each year BPA writes to the landowners along its pipeline network to remind them of the high-pressure oil pipeline that runs under their land, what to do if they need to undertake groundworks in the vicinity of the pipeline and to check that they are still responsible for the land.  Everyone who returns the map, confirming their details is entered into the prize drawn

The hamper, worth more than £100, is packed with goodies, including wine, chocolates and plenty of other Christmas goodies.  Both recipients were presented with their hampers by members of BPA’s lands team.

Phil Taylor, Lands Manager at BPA, comments: “Each year we write to landowners to remind them of the high-pressure oil pipeline pipelines that run under their land and to confirm that we have their correct contact details.  Those who respond are automatically entered into the draw and it’s great to be able to give these two lucky landowners a treat just before Christmas.”

Letters are sent to more than 2000 recipients along the BPA pipeline network as part of the company’s “Know What’s Below” campaign.  The campaign has helped reduce the number of incidents, accidents and spills along the pipeline network.

BPA, the company behind the Know What’s Below campaign and operator of more than 1000km of buried high pressure fuel pipelines, has launched a new website to provide landowners with the information and contacts needed if they are to operate in the vicinity of the company’s pipeline network.

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