BPA Pipeline repairs

The BPA team has successfully excavated more than 13m of pipeline in Beeston, Cheshire, to undertake repair works to the pipeline’s infrastructure.  The works were completed following close liaison and support from the landowner, allowing for minimal disruption and for normal farming activities to resume promptly.

The need for exploration and possible repair followed BPA’s line inspection team visiting the site as part of its ongoing programme of surveying the network.  The BPA pipeline, along with the CLH pipeline which runs in parallel, was exposed and examined to determine if there were any issues or potential safety risks.

The team found that the clamps holding the pipeline in place had sunk, due to soil subsidence, which in turn had put pressure on the pipeline’s protective coating.  Repair work was undertaken on the clamps that were holding the pipelines in place to prevent any further movement or potential damage to the pipeline’s integrity.

Work on the project began on 1 April and it was successfully completed on 15 April with no negative impact on the pipeline’s operations, environment or surrounding area.  Please contact the BPA Lands team is you have any questions, concerns or would like to report and suspicious activity.